The Problem with Pursuing Your Passion

June 15, 2017 by

Christine was a 24 year old university student graduating with a liberal arts degree from a nearby university. She was in a state of anxiety over the need to urgently make decisions regarding her future career. At times her anxiety was so pronounced she felt quite panicky, with frequent insomnia, digestive upsets and continuous worry. […]

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Forgiveness: Release the Burden of Old Grudges

May 5, 2017 by

Mary, happily married for 10 years, still harbors extreme bitterness towards an ex-boyfriend who cheated on her 20 years ago. Brett remains enraged with a supervisor that “didn’t appreciate” all of “the hard work” he had done many years earlier. Sheila is frequently at her “boiling point,” in response to the childhood emotional neglect she […]

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Christmas Blues

February 10, 2010 by

Most people love Christmas: the music and coloured lights, traditions, great food, gifts and special gatherings with family and friends. There are some, however, who dread the season or find it stressful; they experience a significant contrast between their unhappiness and the celebrations taking place around them. Where do the Christmas Blues come from and […]

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Living With a Chronic Illness: Why You Should Maintain Hope

February 17, 2009 by

Part 1 – What to expect Kathy vividly remembers her “life turning upside down” after her car accident ten years ago. She has struggled with chronic pain ever since. Despite being a “high achiever,” she has not been able to work since this time and has had difficulty accomplishing her usual household tasks. Martin has […]

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Is Your Child Anorexic?

October 18, 2005 by

You notice that your 14 year-old daughter only “nibbles” at family dinners because she “ate earlier with friends.” She now exercises intensely, claiming that the extra 1-2 hours of running each day will get her in shape for her soccer games. You also think that you hear her vomiting in the bathroom. You tell yourself […]

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